Why Supercote?


This roof was struck by lightning! It smouldered all night before Mrs. Bass noticed that something was wrong: “If my house was not protected by Supercote, I would have lost everything, including my pricesless antiques!”


In January 1994, we started treatment of the thatched houses at Sondela Bush Camp near Warmbaths where we protected 15 time share cottages.


At the beginning of July 1994 a raging bush fire, driven by high winds raced through the camp, destroying many hectares of bush and igniting one of the roofs.

The Warmbaths Fire Brigade took 20 minutes to get to the site, at which time they entered the house and removed all of the furniture, which was undamaged.

The thatch, which was smouldering only, was extinguished mainly by using foam.

There was no smoke or heat damage to the plaster or the walls. The only visible damage was to some of the roof pols (scorching) and the carpets were dirtied by the burnt thatch which was pulled out by the firemen. Only about 10% of the thatch was affected.