Supercote Facts

  • Supercote Is resistant to fire, sunlight, fungus, bacteria and monkey, bug, bird damage.

  • Slows down the ageing process of grass. Doubles the life of your thatch.

  • Cuts the cost of maintenance.

  • In many instances, cuts insurance costs (particularly domestic)

  • Prevents storm damage due to hail and wind.Has undergone accelerated weathering tests to assess longevity of the product (2000 hours of accelerated weathering equivalent to approximately 10 years).

  • The only product currently on the market tested for long life.

  • Complies with CI.TT12.2 of the 0400 Fire Code, which allows structures in excess of 20m² to be built within 1.5m from any boundary.

  • Prevents flaming, allowing the grass to smoulder only. The fire can then be extinguished with dry foam extinguishers, preventing water damage to contents.

Tests performed at Sandton Fire Station