Supercote Specs

Supercote is a water based product comprising UV stable acrylic resins, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and fire resistant components. The product dries within an hour of application, from which time it is non-soluble. All the components are encapsulated in the hardened resins.

The product is non-toxic and therefore not hazardous to the health of humans or animals. Once dry, Supercote has no smell at all, and is foul tasting if the treated grass is chewed. The Product is applied to the thatch with a high-pressure spray gun.

Supercote has the effect of binding grass strands together, which significantly reduces bird damage and even monkey damage. It also has the effect of overcoming poor compaction. It will also prevent storm damage due to hail and wind. In many instances, cuts maintenance and insurance costs, particularly domestic insurance.