Basic Calculations

Before we can give you a price on fire protection or building, we need to know the size of the lapa / building.

For fire protection we work on the floor area measured from edge of thatch to edge of thatch.

To calculate the size of your thatch you can walk it off, eg. Rectangular & square.

5 x 3 = 15m²
4×3 = 12m²
6×4 = 24m²
7×5 = 35m²
9×4 = 36m²
8×5 = 40m²

To work out a circle
If the circle is 3m in diameter do the following calculation:
3,14 x 3m x 3m =28,26 ÷ 4 = 7,06m²
3,14 x 4m x 4m =50,24÷4 = 12,56m²

To work out a triangle do the following calculation:

If L is 5m and B is 4m = 5 x 4 ÷2 = 10m²

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